Premium Quality

Ward-Kraft laminated plastics cards provide the highest level of quality available in plastic cards today. 


Ward-Kraft cards and key tags are printed using the latest technology to provide the brightest, most vibrant images available today.  The high quality print has a thick layer of laminate placed over it to provide the best possible protection.  All of the variable and personalized information is printed under the laminate to assure that our cards and key tags have long lasing durability.  We go the extra step to have our magnetic stripes imbed into our laminate to give the magnetic stripe added durability to scratching or damage.  Utilizing a printed synthetic core along with the best possible laminates means these cards will stand the test of time.  With the all plastic construction the cards and key tags can withstand the elements of water, temperature, and just about anything you can throw at them. 

5 Ward-Kraft Product Benefits

1. Personalization is under that laminate completed in a single process.  Personalization will be more durable and cost effective.

2. Mag stripe is built into the laminate creating a more durable mag stripe and a more efficient process.

3. More inline card production processes create a faster turn time allowing us to hit tight deadlines.

4. More flexible card allows the card to better hold its shape with no cracking or breaking when bent.

5. Digital print process makes highly variable and smaller order quantities much more attainable.